Understanding weight problems

What do we mean by weight problems?

We live in a society that makes it difficult for people to control their weight. Instead we are persuaded to eat more and to be less active. Technology has changed both our working lives and our leisure time in recent years in so many ways, too, taking the effort out of labour and enjoyment.

Given that, as a species, we are designed to use a great deal of energy in the pursuit of the necessities of life, and to replenish that energy as completely as possible, it’s little wonder that so many people are overweight to the extent that their health, both physical and mental, is threatened. It is said that, in the UK, the number of people who are seriously overweight (obese) has tripled since 1985.

The same society also promotes thinness as a requirement for happiness and success, particularly in women. The fashion industry sometimes tries to encourage a body image that, for the vast majority of people, is impossible to achieve.

Many people have become passionate about losing weight, either because they are concerned about their health or about their appearance, and for most of them the solution is to go on a “diet” – strictly speaking a weight-reducing diet. Yet for many, this is where the problems start. Diets, particularly “quick-fix” diets, are often not effective, and those whose diets do work in the first place often find they put the weight right back on if they “break” the diet.

Is there a way to control our weight?

Yes, and being aware of what we eat is part of it. However, just as important is learning good eating habits in place of bad. At first, this seems difficult: breaking an existing habit is always difficult, just because it is a habit. However, by the same token, once the new habit is in place it becomes easier to follow and maintain.

Overcoming Weight Problems is a self-help guide based upon proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, which aims to help readers to learn new habits so they not only lose weight, but then stay at their new, more healthy weight in the long term.  For more about the book >

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